What do you get?
You get what Brotherton considers to be one solution for your packaging design. A before and after summary of our thinking and strategies taken are provided as an Adobe Acrobat file. You’ll also get the working design files in Adobe Illustrator to ensure that you have everything needed for a production artist to prepare the file for printing. Production services are available for an additional fee.

What projects can benefit from CPR™?

Package Redesign
We’ll explore the strength of your current package design. The strengths of your package design are then leveraged to provide a new design for your label or package.

Line Extension
Using your existing package design, we build on that to add new flavors to your exisinting product line while maintaining the integrity of your existing brand identity.

Design Revitalization
Breathe new life into your existing brand.

On-Pack Promotions
Leverage your marketing dollars by promoting other products or special incentives on your current packaging. This might be just what you need to meet your short-term marketing objectives.

What limitations are there on how we can use the files and designs provided by Brotherton?
All recommended usage of photography, illustration, fonts, or other artwork not created by Brotherton is presented and provided without licensing. Acquiring the proper licensing is the responsibility of the client. All licensing should be completed prior to any use of the files outside of your review.

*CPR is offered to existing brands and packaging designs only and is not intended for the purposes of inventing, developing or designing new brands and packaging.