Mobile internet use will surpass PCs in 2015

Attention Real Estate Agents:

Is your website ready for the demands of the mobile customer?

Market research reported by PC Magazine from research firm IDC shows mobile internet use will surpass PC use in 2015. Morgan Stanley also published their own report showing mobile web use being bigger than desktop internet use by 2015. eMarketer is expecting 91% of internet users to be accessing the web on their smartphone by 2017.

We’re just a few weeks away from 2015.

Is your website positioned to offer the best customer experience?

Is it ready to capture and drive leads to your business?


The National Association of Realtors reported that 90% of consumers start their home search online. With 90% of consumers beginning their home search online, and the majority of them expected to be mobile users, you need a site that is 100% mobile compatible.

The are 1000s of agents competing for home buyers and sellers in Orange County Real Estate. Your mobile optimized real estate website is one way to get an advantage on your competition and differentiate yourself.

Capture more leads with a clean, simple design that is intuitive and easy for clients to use. Feature a slide show showcasing beautiful images or a map showing all the listings in your area, Add a convenient search field and a strong call to action that will inspire your visitors to reach out and connect with you.

Sites include:

  • Choice of custom or personalized solutions
  • Professional, clean designs for the best user experience
  • Optimized mobile experience
  • Superior SEO performance
  • Lead Generation is integrated with your CRM
  • Full Google Analytics Suite
  • Full IDX integration

Contact us today and get your mobile strategy ready for 2015

Human Nature

As a marketer of a product or service it’s imperative that you know your customer. Marketing is traditionally broken up into two groups, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) or retail. I’d like to suggest that we focus on the human nature of marketing and practice human-to-human marketing.

No matter what you’re marketing, you’re marketing to a human being. A “business” can’t make a decision to buy your product. It takes a human to get involved. Humans make decisions based on emotions, usually hope and fear. Branding is the art of applying human characteristics to a product or service. People like working with people. It’s all about telling a story and creating a relationship that addresses their hope and fears.

If you’re interested in marketing to humans, contact us today.




Whether you’re looking to take advantage of Packaging, Print, Digital or Broadcast media, Brotherton’s creative team has the expertise required to deliver an integrated marketing campaign that delivers results and avoids known pitfalls. An attention to brand identity ensures each project is designed to your brand specifications, further supporting your marketing objectives. Services include:

  • Brand Identity & Logo
  • Ideation and Naming
  • Direct Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Direct Mail Programs
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography & Video
  • POP/Exhibit Design
  • Print & Online Advertising
  • Radio / TV spots
  • Web Identity: UI design





What do you get?
You get what Brotherton considers to be one solution for your packaging design. A before and after summary of our thinking and strategies taken are provided as an Adobe Acrobat file. You’ll also get the working design files in Adobe Illustrator to ensure that you have everything needed for a production artist to prepare the file for printing. Production services are available for an additional fee.

What projects can benefit from CPR™?

Package Redesign
We’ll explore the strength of your current package design. The strengths of your package design are then leveraged to provide a new design for your label or package.

Line Extension
Using your existing package design, we build on that to add new flavors to your exisinting product line while maintaining the integrity of your existing brand identity.

Design Revitalization
Breathe new life into your existing brand.

On-Pack Promotions
Leverage your marketing dollars by promoting other products or special incentives on your current packaging. This might be just what you need to meet your short-term marketing objectives.

What limitations are there on how we can use the files and designs provided by Brotherton?
All recommended usage of photography, illustration, fonts, or other artwork not created by Brotherton is presented and provided without licensing. Acquiring the proper licensing is the responsibility of the client. All licensing should be completed prior to any use of the files outside of your review.

*CPR is offered to existing brands and packaging designs only and is not intended for the purposes of inventing, developing or designing new brands and packaging.




Leverage the power of direct mail with (b)Direct! Direct mail allows you to leverage the power of direct marketing while building the power of your brand’s identity

  • Build and leverage your brand’s identity
  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Generate more revenue and increase profits
  • Reduce marketing costs

Creative Services
A critical part of any direct mail effort is the design of the mailer and mesage. Brotherton specializes in developing innovative and proven camaigns designed to protect, build, and leverage your brand’s idenity while increasing response rates and lowering costs. You have one chance to make a first impression. Our creative team makes sure it’s the right one.

Data Services
Choosing the right list is part science and part art. Working with Brotherton’s data experts leverages your marketing budget by reducing waste and maximizing results. Our data services include:

  • List Brokerage: Locate, evaluate, compare, lists specifically targeting your offer.
  • Mapping: Limit efforts to a specific radius in miles or  a particular zip code.
  • Predictive Modeling: Scientifically pre-screen names on outside lists that are most likely to respond to your offer.
  • Merge-Purge: Eliminate costly duplicate names, avoid offending customers, save money.
  • E-Mail & Telephone Number Appending: Append opt-in e-mail addresses or append telephone numbers to direct mail and opt-in e-mail lists.
  • List Enhancement: Enhance your in-house file with hundreds of variables from outside list.
  • Credit Profiling: Send your offer to customers meeting your credit requirements.

Printing and Mailing
The best designed direct mail piece and most carefully selected list are useless if left in the hands of just anyone. Brotherton’s production team is carefully selected for their expertise and ability to meet your budget and mail schedule while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and quailty. A member of Brotherton’s production team  press-checks each job to ensure the final product meets the marketing objectives of the campaign.

Strategically target the prospects most likely to accept your offer. Save $1,000s in time and money with EDDM from the USPS.


We’ve worked with some great companies on some great projects.
Here’s a list of companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

AAdvantage First
Alphaguardian Networks
ARCO/AMPM Mini Marts
Acqura Loan Services
Bally Total Fitness
Barnone Mortgage
Blatman Group Real Estate
California Facilities Magazine
City Mortgage Services
Clearview Capital
Commerce Escrow
Computer Site Technologies
CORE Support Systems
Courtlandt Financial
Dakota Growers
Epson America
Erik Rees, Author
Expedite Lending
Fidelity Financial
First Allegiance Mortgage
First Team Real Estate
H&R Block Mortgage
In-Shape Health Clubs
J.R. Simplot Company
Kreissig Homes
Learning Tree International
Liebert Corporation
Long Beach Memorial Hospital
Los Ranchos Presbytery
Master Financial, Inc
Mattel Toys
Mile High Down Syndrome Assoc.
Netbrowser Communications
Nowack CPA
Option One Mortgage
Peninsula Trading Company
Pensio Recovery
Pretend City
Prime Financial Corporation
Rapid Pulse
Rate Valet
Rolling Hills Country Day School
Saddleback Church
San Pedro Fish Market
Spina Bifida Foundation
Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Strategic Recovery Group
Tecnicad, Inc.
TrendPoint Systems
Tri-Anim Healthcare Products
TriPoint Capital Corporation
Universal Analytics
Village Presbyterian Church
Western Financial Bank



Branding is the art of emotionally binding your customers to your company and its products. As much as some people would like you to believe it, there is no formula for creating this emotional bond. It’s passion and it comes from the gut. Branding is the visual personification of everything you represent. If you’re not growing a brand, you’re selling a commodity. Brotherton helps you improve results, while creating a more powerful brand identity, further increasing the effectiveness of future marketing and advertising efforts.




 Where Science and Art Come Together

We approach every project with our 4D Design process. We work diligently to gain as much knowledge about your company and industry as you would expect from a new business partner as projects flow through the following four phases:

Research stage where information is gathered on your company, industry, competition, and marketing objectives. This information enables us to prepare a Creative Strategy outlining the challenges and opportunities presented by the project.

Creative strategy from phase 1 guides the design process. Multiple designs are presented to fully explore and evaluate the options available. Designs explore use of color, graphics, photography, type and illustrations as related to your project.

The best design is taken and reworked and expanded to meet your marketing objectives. Final design selections and revisions are made. Approved designs are prepared for production.

Campaign is launched and put into use. Results are closely measured and managed to deliver the greatest ROI.